Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles

520 N Prior Ave

St Paul MN 55104

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shop is still only open by appointment. Please call 651-641-1037 to schedule. We only offer bicycle purchases and paid repair services appointments at this time. Masks are required whenever you are inside the shop. We will offer shopping for the used parts and accessories only during our outdoor sales events, which are on Sunday afternoons between 1 and 3 PM. The waiting list to receive gift bicycles is currently open.  To get on the list when it is open, you may call 651-641-1037 and leave the following information on the voice mail – your first and last name, your height, and a reliable telephone number where we can call you when your bicycle is ready. If you got our information from a case worker, please have your case worker contact us to request the bicycle. Please note that social service providers may request bicycles for clients, but it is the responsibility of the provider to make the request, pick up the bicycle, and deliver it to their client. All gift bicycle pickup appointments are scheduled on Sunday afternoons between 1 PM and 3 PM, no exceptions. Appointment times are firm.

If you wish to donate a bicycle, please note that we are NOT accepting donations through the winter months. Check back in April 2024. Before you call, please review the information on the Bicycle Donation Information page. You will need to schedule an appointment in advance. Call 651-641-1037 to schedule. Our space is very limited, so we are only accepting bicycles that we know we can use. The criteria are listed on our Bicycle Donation Information page.  Thanks for your understanding.

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Who is Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles?

MMRB is a private company that gives away bicycles. It is run on a break-even basis by Michael and Benita Warns.  No one receives a salary.

What does MMRB do?

MMRB gathers discarded bicycles, repairs them, and gives them away. MMRB also offers repair services with a labor charge of $28 per hour plus parts, and sells a variety of used parts and accessories, as well as used bicycles.

Where does MMRB get the bicycles?

MMRB volunteers go to community recycling events and gather the reusable bicycles brought in. We accept bicycle donations from individuals by appointment only.

When can people contact MMRB?

Anytime via e-mail at [email protected], or telephone 651-641-1037 between 9 AM and 9 PM and leave a message. Be sure to leave your first and last name, and your complete telephone number, along with the information you need, and speak slowly and clearly, as it is sometimes difficult to understand people on our ancient phone. If you want to schedule an appointment to shop for a bicycle, or for paid repair services, all appointments are by phone, so call 651-641-1037.

Why doesn’t MMRB make people earn bicycles?

We run MMRB primarily as a ministry, and our calling is to give away bicycles. We do sell used bicycle parts, accessories, and novelty items made from bicycle parts. Sales of these items offset the cost to run the business so that free bicycles are available for those who need them.  We also sell ready-to-ride used bicycles, some bicycles in as-is condition, and higher-end and collectible bicycles.  90% of the money we receive from sales of our products and services goes toward the expenses of the shop, and the remaining 10% is given to charity.  All labor is provided by volunteers, and we do not take a salary from this business.

How can I get a bicycle?

Our wait list is currently open.

When the list is open, this is the process.  Please call 651-641-1037 during the daytime and leave a voice mail message with your first and last name, your height and a reliable phone number where we can reach you when your bicycle is ready. Please note that social service providers may get bicycles for clients, but we require the request to be made in the provider’s name and it is the responsibility of the provider to pick up the bicycle and deliver it to the client. If you received our contact information from your case worker, please have your case worker make the request.

For more information, call Mike or Benita Warns at 651-641-1037, or e-mail them at [email protected].  Please do not call before 9 AM or after 9 PM.  Thanks.

Michael and Benita racing our tandem