Who is Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles?

MMRB is a private company that gives away bicycles. It is run on a break-even basis by Michael and Benita Warns.

What does MMRB do?

MMRB gathers discarded bicycles, repairs them, and gives them away. MMRB also offers basic instruction in bicycle operation, care, and safety, and sells a variety of used parts and accessories, as well as a limited number of used bicycles.

Where does MMRB get the bicycles?

MMRB volunteers go to community recycling events and gather the reusable bicycles brought in. People who have a bicycle they no longer need can contact MMRB directly. A small donation is welcomed to offset disposal expenses for worn tires and other non-recyclable parts.

When can people contact MMRB?

Anytime via e-mail at warns@pclink.com, or telephone 651-641-1037 and leave a message.

Why doesn’t MMRB sell bicycles?

We run MMRB primarily as a ministry, and our calling is to give away bicycles. We do sell used bicycle parts, accessories, and novelty items made from bicycle parts. Sales of these items offset the cost to run the business so that free bicycles are available for those who need them.  We do sell some bicycles, mostly in as-is condition, or higher-end and collectible bicycles.

How can I get a bicycle?

Due to overwhelming demand, our wait list is currently closed.  The list reopens on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 9:00 AM.  After that date, just contact us at 651-641-1037, or send us an e-mail message at warns@pclink.com. We will contact you for more information, then we put you on our waiting list. When your name reaches the top of the list, we fix a bicycle for you and call you to arrange pickup.  We keep our waiting list open until it reaches 60 names, at which time we close it until we work through the backlog.  We always post a date for people to check back to see when the list will reopen.  The list is currently closed.

For more information, call Mike or Benita Warns at 651-641-1037, or e-mail them at warns@pclink.com.