Social Service Providers – Please Read

Are you a social service provider? We define that as your job is to counsel clients and connect them with services to meet their needs. If so, then the information on this page applies to you.

You may request gift bicycles for your clients whenever our wait list is open. The list is currently closed. The process is simple, just call 651-641-1037 and leave the following information on the voice mail:

Your first and last name

Your telephone number

Your client’s height

Your client’s gender

We will then put the request on our wait list. When the request comes to the top of the list, we call you and then you come and get the bicycle and you deliver it to your client. No exceptions. We adopted this policy because most of the clients lack the transportation to come and get bicycles, the follow through skills needed to do so, or both. Many do not have reliable telephone numbers, making it time consuming to reach them. We process hundreds of requests every year, and we do not have the time to repeatedly call clients or to make appointments for the clients and then they do not show up. We have been giving away bicycles since 1998, so we have developed a process that allows us to serve the most people with our limited resources.

We do all bicycle pickups by appointment. We call you and set up the time. Those appointments are on Sunday afternoons between 1 PM and 3 PM, no exceptions. Our shop is still operating under our COVID protocol, and we have to allocate our available time slots among folks needing repairs, folks buying bicycles, folks who want to purchase used parts, and folks receiving gift bicycles. We have developed a schedule that allows for maximum efficiency.

DO NOT give our telephone number to your clients and have them call. Any provider who does this will lose their access to free bicycles for their clients.

Please note that we do not provide free bicycle repairs. Once a client receives a bicycle, it is their responsibility to care for it, including paying for repairs when needed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.