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Wait List Reopens July 24 at 9 AM

The wait list for gift bicycles will reopen on Tuesday, July 24 at 9 AM. To get on the list, call 651-641-1037 any time after 9 AM on the 24th and leave the following information on the voice mail: Your first and last name, your height, the style of bicycle you prefer, and a reliable telephone number where we can reach you when your bicycle is ready. If you are a social service provider and wish to get a bicycle for a client, the request must be in your name, not the client’s, and you need to leave your telephone number. It is your responsibility to arrange to pick up the bicycle and deliver it to your client. You may bring your client to the shop, but do not tell the client to come and get it. The reason is that we have a very high no-show rate when clients are tasked with picking up bicycles. We have adopted this policy based on our 20 years of experience giving away bicycles. To all, please do not call before 9 AM on July 24. Any requests received before July 24 will be disregarded, while any requests received on July 24 but prior to 9 AM will be placed at the end of the list of timely requests received on the 24th. We have built some bicycles ahead, so some folks may get calls within a day or two to come and get bicycles. Please be prepared to get your bicycle within one week of our call to you, and please be sure your phone number is in service and the voice mail is properly set up. Thanks.

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