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Wait List Is Now Open

The wait list for gift bicycles reopens on Wednesday, July 1 at 9 AM. To receive a bicycle, call 651-641-1037 any time between 9 AM and 9 PM and leave a voice mail containing the following information:

First and last name


Style of bicycle preferred (road, mountain, hybrid, cruiser, etc.)

RELIABLE local telephone number to call when the bicycle is ready. Reliable means that there are minutes available, that the voice mail is set up, and that the phone will accept incoming calls. Those without a reliable local telephone number can send email to Those without either email or telephone service should either provide a reliable person to contact, or come to our store when we are open to discuss options.

We will keep our list open until we reach 60 requests.

2 thoughts on “Wait List Is Now Open

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been looking into your website for a while now, I’ve been meaning to get into the shop to check out what you have available.

    Initially I intended to purchase a bike, but due to a series of unfortunate events and unforeseeable costs I am definitely interested in the gift bike idea.

    I’m 6′-4″ tall and would prefer a road bike if possible.

  2. Please call 651-641-1037 and listen to the voice mail message, then leave the required information on voice mail. We will add your name to the wait list. Be sure to leave a reliable telephone number, preferably local to Twin Cities area. If your number isn’t local, please leave your email address. We will contact you when the bicycle is ready for pickup. Thanks.

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